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Ken has worked with steel and a variety of other metals most of his life. He does both custom "to order" work and some original very unique pieces. He has received awards for both "Grand Champion" and "The People's Choice" at the 2014 Nampa Art Festival in Nampa, Idaho. Additionally, he was award the Steering Committee Award in Lake Oswego, Oregon 2015, Best in Show-Metalwork in Park City, Utah 2015, and First Place in 3D at Art City Austin in Austin, Texas 2016, Merit Award, Metal Art - Omaha, Nebraska 2017, Best in Show-Metal Art, Tempe Festival of the Arts, Tempe, AZ 2018- Third Place over all categories, Heart & Soul of the Magic Valley, Twin Falls, Idaho 2019, People's Choice Metal, Kimbell Arts Festival, Park City, Utah 2019

His primary material is stainless steel. His ability to take a material so industrial, put it through a very tortured process of welding, grinding, and hammering , and turn it into an elegant statement piece is amazing.